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Managed Networks

True Private IP VPNs are a significant step above internet based IP/VPNs in both security and performance. They offer similar performance to Frame Relay networks without the cost.

Private IP VPNs provide a Private IP environment that extends a company’s head office LAN to the company’s branch sites, allowing branch users access to head office IT resources. Typically Private IP networks are installed to provide branch users access to a centralised company IT application that maintains a database of the company’s trading transactions with its customers. This requirement means that security of access and speed of response to enquiries are of utmost importance. These requirements cannot be reliably met with an internet based IP/VPN.

Managed Private IP VPNs from VPN Solutions provide;

  • A separate and secure network based IP routing engine dedicated to one organisation
  • A fully Meshed MPLS environment for all sites
  • A low round trip delay (Latency) across the network, fast Ping times
  • The ability for branch office users to experience company applications with performance similar to the users in head office
  • Substantial running cost savings over single Carrier solutions
  • Networks without the capital cost and high administration cost of Insourced Solutions
  • Fully managed solutions under a strict Service Level Agreement (SLA)