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Offsite Data Storage

Offsite Data Storage is becoming a necessity for a growing number of businesses. Directors are now legally liable for protecting their company's data. Offsite data storage is a prudent step to ensuring the protection of valuable data that may be at risk if stored on business premises.

The historical solution to this problem has been to make specific backups to tape and then pay for a courier based service to swap these tapes to a secure location. This method is costly and only offers a slow recovery process when there are problems. There can be a significant delay whilst the correct tape is recovered.

These issues are all resolved with VPN Solutions’ Offsite Data Storage service whereby data is backed up to a secure location via private data circuits from the clients site. This service is even more affordable when combined with a Private VPN as the existing data circuits can be used after hours to create these backups. This significantly reduces the cost and more efficiently utilises the existing data network that is typically only lightly loaded after hours.

The VPN Solutions Data centres are completely secure, with access by authorised personnel only, and are equipped with fire retardant systems, 24 hour air conditioning, UPS and diesel generators for redundant power.

The backup server located in the data centre becomes part of the clients’ network and can be easily controlled from backup software residing on the clients’ site. This enables the appropriate clients’ staff to have complete control over the backup process, verify the data, and restore services as required.