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Application Hosting

VPN Solutions Application Hosting Service is a fully 'Turnkey' service where the clients’ applications reside on servers inside the private data network. Users from all remote branches as well as the head office location access the applications via secure high speed data links. As a complete solution all communications equipment, access data circuits, server facilities and hardware maintenance services are included for a fixed monthly fee.

The clients’ applications operate on servers that reside in the Data Centres directly connected to the VPN Solutions Carrier grade switches, which deliver the data to the remote users.

The data centres are completely secure, with access to authorised personnel only. The centres utilise fire retardant systems, 24 hour air conditioning, UPS and diesel generators to ensure maximum reliability and uptime for the applications and data switching equipment.

The Application Hosting Facility is ideal for clients that are keen to centralise their applications, and have limited internal resources or other site specific issues that might jepodise the performance or security of the entire network.