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Open Minds

About Open Minds

Open Minds works with people to enhance mental health and wellbeing.  They have a long history and have been operating since 1912.  A range of support programs are offered in the areas of lifestyle, living, employment and health. At the heart of what they do is a commitment to working alongside individuals and focusing on their strengths to enable individual achievement and recovery.

The Challenge

Open Minds need to operate a highly effective and lean business under a not for profit model.   The ICT environment needed to be scalable and flexible allowing for joint ventures and project based activities to be established quickly.   Systems needed to be highly available yet consolidated and simplified. A common operating environment was required across all sites and also for the remote and home workers.

The Solution

Open Minds adopted a managed service model with VPN Solutions providing end to end management of their corporate network environment.  A network was deployed utilising high speed, guarantee performance Private IP Network links over the VPN Solutions MPLS backbone.  This has been a key enabler for deployment of a thin client desktop and enterprise IP Telephony solution.  Quality of Service (QoS) is enabled network wide to ensure the thin client and voice traffic is given priority over other non business critical traffic.  Attached to the Private IP Network is a private cloud based Telephony as a service (TaaS) solution utilising SIP trunking to replace multiple expensive and inflexible ISDN lines.  The Open Minds server farm was also migrated from a hybrid cloud model to now running both production and DR systems on a private cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform.

Network security is maintained by the VPN Solutions team in managing a central secure firewall service. This provides Internet connectivity to all Open Minds sites via high speed, low contention data centre grade Internet services with built in redundancy.  Remote worker and home worker access to the network is provided via secure VPN connections to the managed firewall.

What Open Minds say

“There are a lot of players in the telecommunications industry and it can be difficult to see through all the marketing magic.  With VPN Solutions there is none of that.  We have found a trusted technology partner that simply does what they promise.  The network infrastructure is one area that I don’t have to worry about anymore”

Les Schneider – IT Manager, Open Minds