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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a move to SIP services reduce Costs?

Implementing SIP trunk connections into an exisitng PABX or new PABX system provides instant call savings against the typical carrier rates.  The SIP call rates offered by VPN Solutions are a fraction of the rates offered by the carriers.  In addition, the replacement of the ISDN and PSTN fixed lines would typically halve these cost components.  Overall the move to SIP services with VPN Solutions would save typically 30 to 50% against the overall bill.

What is the difference between a Managed Private IP Network and an Internet VPN?

A Managed Private IP Network is an IP network which has predefined, secure and dedicated  connections between a client site and the core of the VPN Solutions network. The Private IP Network is created with Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), a network virtualisation technology that is used by all the major carriers globally. As there is no access to the public Internet there is no need for complex tunnelling and firewall systems.

An Internet VPN is simply access into the Internet at all client sites with tunnelling software at each end to provide the appearance of a single connection across the Public Internet. Firewalls and Tunnelling Software are required at each site to reduce the security risk.  Many applications will not operate well due to the uncontrollable congestion and latency variation on the Internet. Additionally there is no single provider that can take end to end responsibility for your service between sites over the Internet. An Internet based VPN is not recommended for these reasons.

How Can VPN Solutions offer Better Value than the Major Carriers

VPN Solutions has access to the wholesale tail services offered by all of the major carriers. For each client site, the best of breed service can be selected from these carriers and VPN Solutions then combines these tail services, via our national backbone infrastructure, to create a fully managed solution. The combination of wholesale pricing, access to multiple carrriers and having less overhead than the large telcos simply means more cost effective solutions to our clients.

Do I need to use a Firewall or Tunnelling device to secure data across a Private VPN?

No. The VPN Solutions' Private VPN's are inherently secure and are not exposed to the Internet or any other third party.

Can I Run Voice & Video on my VPN Solutions Network

Yes, the VPN Solutions network has been designed as a low latency network and can support both Voice and Video performance requirements. Our latest networking infrastructure operates MPLS and delivers multi-level Quality of Service (QoS) end to end. This QoS ability allows traffic types to be categorised and controlled as they pass through the network based on their technical requirements and the requirements of the users.